Tour Guide for the Eye

Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 in Design, Fine Arts, Painting | No Comments

As a visual communications designer and artist I am interested in the relationship between design and fine arts. On a recent trip to Italy to study painting and sculpture, I was struck by how much the frescos of the 13th century painter Piero della Francesca and the paintings of Caravaggio relate to the work I do as a […]

2D or not 2D?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2012 in Design, Painting | No Comments

Graphic designers, painters, and others who create on paper or canvas, are said to work in a 2-dimensional world. I’ve never really agreed with that limited view of my craft. A brochure, a magazine or even an event invitation are all 3-dimensional forms that require the viewer to interact with the piece. They are a […]


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