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Matt Casey Coaching…to succeed in business is a great product and/or service. And of course, you need strong leadership and clear vision about what your business is, who you serve and what differentiates you in the marketplace. Kroner Design believes that development of a strong brand presence and excellent creative to communicate your vision to the world are also essential elements of a successful business venture.

The same line of thinking applies to individuals who are in the midst of a career transition. Matt Casey Coaching understands what it takes to make a smooth and successful transition, and your resume is the last thing you need. Clear understanding of who you are and what you are looking for comes first.

Matt also understood the importance of creating a strong brand to elevate and distinguish his business, and reached out to Kroner Design to develop his new identity and web site. Along with Razor’s Edge Communications, who provided the world-class content, we created a bold and distinct identity for Matt centered around the memorable headline “The Last Thing You Need Is a Good Resume.”

According to Matt, the new look is a real show stopper:

“I‘ve experienced significant increases in site traffic, career coaching inquiries, and new client acquisitions since the  launch of my new identity and website. The new brand identity is professional, credible and bold.

I love the new look and especially love handing out my new business cards. They’re unexpected and memorable, and when someone accepts it they immediately notice the difference, and they take the time to open it up and read it. The most common reaction is, ‘Wow. This is great.”. I love it!”

Matt and Kroner Design agree: one of the first things you need to succeed in business is a strong and distinct brand identity.

Matt Casey Coaching Web Site

Matt Casey Coaching Web Site

Matt Casey Coaching Web Site

 Matt Casey Coaching Stationery


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